Why ecopainters.
The highest quality of work matched with an understanding of natural paints and products equals an outstanding service that delivers guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Why Natural Paints and Products?
Peace of Mind. Eco Friendly. Does not harm the environment. Does not harm YOU. Normal paints can pollute the home for up to 2 years. Natural paints do not cause any pollution, regulate humidity, control condensation and are anti static because they do not contain any plastics and attract little or no dust.

The Pros and Cons?
The conception that natural paints are expensive is misguided. Some paints are more expensive but others are cheaper and overall the cost evens itself out. The pros, (apart from the obvious health benefits!) are:
1. The lack of plastic in natural paints means no static. Static creates dust.
2. Natural paints are a big benefit for Asthma sufferers.
3. Natural paints are permeable (breathable) which helps regulate humidity (damp) which is a big benefit to anyone with respiratory problems.
4. Natural paints appear more natural in that they do not have a plastic skin.